Lorenzo de Finti: Piano & Keyboards
Eric Marienthal: Alto & Soprano Sax
Fabrizio Bosso: Trumpet
Christian Meyer & Giorgio di Tullio: Drums
Stefano Dall’Ora: Bass
Luca Zamponi: El. Guitar

Gendrikson Mena: Trumpet & Flugelhorn on 6, 5, 10
Luca Scansani: El. Bass on 1, 5, 12
Alex Carreri: El. Bass on 6, 9
Sandro Schneebeli: Guitar on 13
Walter Muto: Ac. Guitar on 2, 4, 9
Marco Castiglioni: Drums on 10, 13
Marcello Colò: Percussions
Kate Kelly: Vocals
Gianluca Ciatti: Background vocals


The Colors of Life production cost lots of hard work and sacrifice (not to mention the car crash). However, a few months before the album was released, RSI Rete Due (one of the most important european networks), chose “New York City Stompers” as the sountrack for the entire network, the greatest personal satisfaction after so much time and effort.

Enjoy your “colors of life” experience!
Recorded on 19th and 20 th February 2013 at Studio 2 Radiotelevisione svizzera, Lugano Besso


Sound Engineer: Gabriele Kamm
Produzione RSI Rete Due: Paolo Keller
Fabrizio Bosso recorded at Totosound, Rome (Italy)
by Marco Maracci e Toto Giornelli
Additional instrumets recorded at Airport 55 Milan (Italy)

Studio  by Luca Zamponi
mixed by Stefano Dall’Ora at Lone Star Studio, Brescia (Italy)

Audio Mastering Studio NY by  Kevin  Reeves