Love Unknown Review from Greece! Thanks mr.Phontas Troussas

Love Unknown Review from Greece! Thanks mr.Phontas Troussas

As we had written two years ago when we mentioned Lorenzo De Finti Qrt’s first album, “We Live Here” (2016): “Lorenzo De Finti’s quartet consists of himself at the piano, compatriots Stefano Dall ‘ Ora bass and Marco Castiglioni drums, and even the Cuban trumpet player Gendrikson Mena”, In “Love Unknown”, which is the second deposit of the shape, the line-up does not change, as other people do not change. Let’s say the compositions on the album belong to the De Finti-Dall’Ora duo, secondly that most of the album is recorded in Switzerland, while the third and most important, we would say, is about the aesthetic differences between the two CDs, which are virtually nil.And here, in Love Unknown, lyricism and slow forms are the ones that star, with the four musicians managing perfectly the time in these group wanderings, releasing effortless feelings from their tracks. Basically, enjoying their journey in melodic regions, which are neither simple nor clingy. The compositions of De Finti-Dall’Ora, I want to say, are demanding, and they feel and know it.They testify to their biographies, listed in the elaborate triple-folded digipak, which include serious studies in good schools and collaborations with great names (from jazz society and beyond).It makes no sense now to copy them. Trust us …



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