WE LIVE HERE review from England

WE LIVE HERE review from England

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lore estival II

Lorenzo De Finti Quartet – We Live Here (Suite for Jazz Quartet) (Losen Records): A group of trumpeter Gendrikson Mena, double bassist Stefano Dall’Ora and drummer Marco Castiglioni led by Italian pianist De Finti, playing music by him and bassist Dall’Ora. They wanted to achieve “a musical space closer to classical music than jazz” but that doesn’t mean it sounds like anything other than jazz, of course. The suite is divided into six parts with three introductions in there as segues, and it works really well as a single near-hour-long listen. The playing is lovely and the sound, in RSI studio 2 in Lugano, is superb. Very satisfying, very intimate, very personal acoustic chamber jazz.

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